Vick: When News Coverage Goes Bad

Vick When it comes to how the media treats NFL QB Michael Vick, coverage varies. Some reports of the athlete accurately reflect what news should be; Objective, Fair, Balanced, and Truthful. However, when a reporters emotions get involved these principles can easily be abandoned. Such is the case with a story I found recently about the controversial athlete.

The story comes from Forth Worth Weekly’s blog affiliate Blotch. The situation: The mayor of Dallas gave Michael Vick a key to the city. The headline: Michael Vick Fetches Catcalls For Key To Dallas. Given Vick’s past with dogfighting, this is an iffy way to begin the article. But the real blemish comes in the first part of the story:

People are  peeeyissed off after Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwain Carraway gave a key to the city to Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick while the convicted dog murderer was visiting that city during Super Bowl festivities.”

The problem? The statement “convicted dog murderer” is very biased….and inaccurate. Vick served a year and a half in prison on charges of hosting dogfights. He was never accused of killing them.

Since this story is found on a blog, my criticism may come across as unfair. But this very story was featured on Yahoo News as just that….news. The fist time i had heard about this was from Blotch . Therefore, the importance of telling the truth and being objective is further validated. This is one of the biggest issues in journalism today— What constitutes as news now?

Michael Vick is often vilified by the media, and this is just another example.

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