NFL LOCKOUT: Impact on Sports Journalism

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (left) and NFLPA Exec Demorris Smith (Right)

The Green Bay Packers win over the Steelers in this year’s Superbowl marked the beginning of arguably the most important offseason in NFL history. For the first time, 2011 could be a year without a professional football game played. This is because of the National Football League’s labor dispute with the Player’s Association. The main issue at hand is the league’s decision to change the regular season schedule from 16 to 18 games. This decision has many players unhappy, causing what could be one of the greatest labor strikes in American history.

Who is affected? A lot of people. All NFL employees, athletes, and affiliates are hurt by the loss in revenue. But sports journalism will also take a major hit.

I was watching a piece on Outside The Lines today that detailed the NFL labor dispute and it’s effects on everybody. According to Bob Ley, ESPN will lose over $2 billion dollars in revenue from NFL programming and broadcasting.

That’s no pocket change.

Just close your eyes and envision it. What will analyst talk about? “Well, if the Colts were playing this season, I would pick them to win the superbowl”……NO!

With no NFL, sports journalists will have to turn to covering less popular sports. Interest will wain and profits will fall significantly.

Frankly, this is a nightmare I hope doesn’t happen. However, it seems now that a lockout is inevitable

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