5 Reasons Why You Should LOVE The Miami Heat


It’s pretty fair to say there is no NBA fan who is indifferent to the human drama that is The Miami Heat. Even for fare-weather fans, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. But why? Personally, I’m on the hate side (cavs for life). But being the objective journalist I am, I’ve got 5 reasons why I, and many others, should reconsider.

5 Reasons Why You Should Love The Heat

1. It’s One Of The Greatest Stories in Sports History

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted it better. 3 superstars in the primes of their careers joining forces to form basketball’s equivalent of a super-team. They’ve sacrificed individual stardom for the goal of winning a championship. Lebron James was the KING of Ohio, D.Wade was THE MAN in Miami, and Chris bosh was the undeniable NUMBER ONE in Toronto. But these icons realized they couldn’t do it alone. It’s a sacrifice that is rarely seen in sports and the Big 3 should be commended for it.

30 years from now, stories will be told about the Heat. Whether they’ll be stories of success or failure is yet to be determined. The pressure is on

2. People hate them…but THEY DON’T CARE

They’re easily the most criticized team in NBA history. All eyes are on them, 24/7. Most are rooting for them to fail. But The Heat know this, and somehow they feed off of it. This is especially the case for Lebron James. When the Heat enter an opposers arena, the jeers they hear are more than likely directed at the 2 time MVP. And yet despite all the hate, they still win.

A Kid Cudi line comes to mind here: “Haters shake my hand, but I keep that sanitizer on deck”



3. The Excitement

Like I said earlier…it’s a human drama. It’s fun to hear the stories on and off the court, positive and negative. The fans love it. The media love it. The hype is tremendous. The debates are lively and engaging. Who’s the closer? Who’s team is it? Will Pat Riley return to coaching? How many can they win? The fact that this all started at the 2008 olympics as a “What If?” conversation between friends is nothing more than a testament that anything can happen.

4. They may have just SAVED the NBA Regular Season

Since Jordan left, The NBA has been struggling to get back to it’s popularity amongst sports fans. The infamous brawl in the palace, the Gilbert Arenas gunslinging affair, as well as many other events have hurt the NBA’s image. PR campaigns like “NBA Cares” and revamped advertising have been moderately successful, yet in terms of ratings the league has found itself finishing no higher than Number 2, with the NFL dominating the american sports fan’s consciousness. Simply put, nobody watched NBA regular season games. 82 was too big of a number for fans too keep up with. Too some degree, it became insignificant. Since 2000, the top teams in the east and west have met up in the finals once (Lakers/Celtics 2008).



The Heat may have fixed that problem. With all eyes on them, even the fare-weather fan couldn’t help but to tune to the primetime Heat game and see how the drama would unfold. Just what the league needed. 2011’s regular season ratings were the highest they’ve been since 1999. A turn for the better.

5. NY basketball is back!

This may not make sense at first glance, especially if you’re a Knicks fan. Let’s break it down.

I’ve always believed that professional basketball is at it’s best when New York is in championship contention. And because of The Big 3 in Miami, it’s well on it’s way back.

Sure, the Knicks missed out on the Lebron James sweepstakes. But look at the brightside. All those years in clearing cap space may have actually payed off. In 2010, they picked up Amare during the summer free agency storm, an attempt to draw in “The King” (I use that term losely). In 2011, they picked up Carmelo Anthony through trade. That’s 2 All Star talents right there, and there is still cap room to add one more piece. All eyes are on Chris Paul, Darren Williams, and Dwight Howard. The future seems bright.



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