Bachmann Newsweek Cover Shows There’s Liberal Bias Too

The latest issue of Newsweek is stirring up a lot of controversy because of it’s cover image of Republican Presidential hopeful and Tea partier Michelle Bachmann. The cover shows Bachmann in front of a sharp blue background looking directly into the camera with a wide-eyed, “deer in head lights”-like expression. The headline reads “THE QUEEN OF RAGE”. Check it out:



Conservative websites and media are already ranting and crying foul over the cover. Some are even accusing the cover of being sexist, claiming Newsweek would have used a more flattering photo had Bachmann been a man.

I’m obviously no conservative mouthpiece. Far from it. But in my opinion, there is obviously some political bias in this cover, especially when you compare it to past Newsweek fronts. Notice the difference below between Bachmann’s cover and Newsweek’s 2009 cover featuring then Democratic Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton:



The lighting and angle of the shots show a clear difference. How about past Newsweek covers?



“Behind That Smile” could lead one to think Cindy Mccain has sinister motives. What else could it insinuate? Here’s one more:



Fear and Terror v.s Hope and Optimism. It just goes to show that when it comes to political agendas in the media, it’s not just a conservative thing. There’s liberal bias too.

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