Did John Stewart Cross The Line



Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and Comedy Central faux-newsman Jon Stewart have been feuding over a skit on The Daily Show. In the segment, Stewart called himself trying to mimic Cain’s voice. Now conservative and mainstream media are accusing each other of bias.

Herman Cain was addressing a campaign event on June 6th when he said, if elected, he would tell Congress, “don’t try to pass a 2,700 page bill. You and I didn’t have time to read it. We are too busy trying to live, send our kids to school. That’s why I’m only going to allow small bills. Three pages.”

Three days later Stewart did what he has become famous for. He mocked the Republican presidential candidate by playing segments of the video from the event. He than tried to mimic Cain’s voice using what seemed to be ebonic dialect: “bills will be three pages. If I am president, treaties will have to fit on the back of a cereal box. From now on, the State of the Union address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie. I am Herman Cain, and I do not like to read.”

Since then charges of racism have flown between conservative and mainstream publications and websites. Did Jon Stewart cross the line, or was it all good satirical fun?

Here’s Cain’s response in a Fox News interview with Juan Williams (yes, i’m using Fox News…reluctantly):

“Jon Stewart is a comedian. I understand that. But when he starts to mock the three-page joke, him being a comedian, he ought to have known that that was a joke. But he took it seriously and then he started to stretch it out with all of the other stuff. Now, when he mocked me in the dialogue of the old “Amos and Andy”…I’m not playing the race card….But the thing more so than the whole race issue, which I don’t want to get into, Jon Stewart does not like me….because I’m an American black conservative. Because I’m black and conservative, I think he probably has a bigger problem with that than he does the whole race thing.”

Is Jon Stewart just being a hater? Here’s his reaction: JON STEWART/HERMAN CAIN


I personally found nothing wrong with Jon Stewart’s poking fun at Herman Cain. It seems to me like an attempt by conservative media to point fingers and say “Hey, what about him! If we did that, we’d be in trouble. Why can he get away with it and we can’t?”. The answer is clear. Fox News is a news network (supposedly). A journalistic organization. The Daily Show is pure comedy and satire. It is not and should not be held to the same standards of objectivity and truth as a news network. Bottomline.

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