First Image Of Bane in Batman’s Third Act



Following in the footsteps of “The Dark Knight”, Warner Bros. is kicking off the third installment in the Batman franchise, “The Dark Knight Rises”, with an intriguing viral campaign. The first official image of Tom Hardy as popular batman foe Bane was released on the official viral site earlier today.

When you get on the site, you’ll see black and hear an ruckus chant. See if you can make out what it says. I believe they’re saying “The Fire Rises, Rises…”. This would harmonize with the viral campaign. Fans are encouraged to add the hashtag #thefirerises to their tweets. Once tweeted, their avatar is added to a collage of the bane image.

Since officially announcing production on Chris Nolan’s third batman film, the studio has really kept hush hush on movie details. The cast has been set, but there remains speculation on the plot and the characters.

Tom Hardy is best known for his role in another Chris Nolan film, the mind-bending drama “Inception”. It looks like Hardy has definitely bulked up to play the physically imposing character. After all, this is the guy in the comics who broke batman’s back! I’d imagine we’d see something to that effect in this next installment of the franchise.

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