NBA Finals- Don’t Sleep On The Mavs



With both series at 3-1 in both the east and west, it’s fair to slate The Miami Heat, who have played absolutely outstanding basketball, and this years dark horse, The Dallas Mavericks, in the NBA Finals. Most people see this match-up and instantly hand Miami their first rings. Why not? I mean, the way that they shut down Derek Rose last night was phenomenal. Their team defense is relentless (one of the best i’ve seen since the 2008 Celtics). Lebron James is playing lights out and has solidified his role as “the closer”. All the stars are aligned. Even I would pick the Heat in this series! It seems so obvious. And THAT may very well be to Dallas’ advantage.

Listen up. DON’T SLEEP ON THE DALLAS MAVERICKS. If you have been like most of America, then it’s time to wake up.

Miami and Dallas are very different teams. But they have a common denominator that has fueled both throughout the playoffs. They’ve been hated on, doubted, and underestimated. No one believed (or wanted to believe) that the Heat could be succesful with 3 all stars on a C- squad. But by virtue of favorable postseason matchups, the Big 3 have thrown traditional conventions out the window and are producing at a championship level. No longer will they be underestimated. If they advance to the NBA Finals, they’ll be championship favorites.

The Dallas Mavericks, according to many media members, should have lost to Portland in the 1st round. Once they got past that test, no one thought they would be able to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. But not only did they defeat the reigning NBA champs, THEY SWEPT THEM. Dallas had their share of doubters. Dirk Nowitzki faced complaints that he wasn’t a leader on the court. Jason Kidd had been perceived by many as the old guy that can’t keep up. A point guard past his prime, vulnerable to exploitation by the Russell Westbrooks and Derrick Roses of the world. Since being upset in the first round of the playoffs by Golden State in 2006, the Mavs were perceived as soft. Many saw them as a team that just didn’t posses a winning mentality.



No one has talked about Dallas all season. They’ve played the dark horse role the whole entire playoffs and have made it a part of their identity as a team. With great shooting from Dirk and key 3’s from Kidd and Terry, the Mavs are one of the most dangerous offenses in the league. They can score in bunches, and they play with a chip on their shoulder. Who’s to say they can’t beat Miami? The heat are far from invincible.

All i’m saying is that 2 great teams are potentially going to the Finals. Anything an analyst has said these guys couldn’t do has been proven wrong so far. Both were highly criticized and doubted. Both have a lot of pride to play for. So don’t be so quick to make any bets on Miami winning it all this year. The Mavericks will be there to challenge, and if the Big 3 get lax, potentially win.

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