Vick To Back Dogfighting Bill

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick has added yet another endorsement. In his efforts to stop dog-fighting, Vick went to Capitol Hill Tuesday to endorse a bill that would criminalize attendance at animal fights.

Vick joined the humane society of the United States in supporting legislation H.R 2492 which would toughen dog-fighting penalties. The proposed bill would also penalize those who bring children to animal-fights and would impose penalties to those who finance the illegal events.

Penalties would include one year in prison for attending an animal fight and three yeas for those who bring a minor.

“I’m doing it for all the people out there who are involved, because there’s so much more that you can be doing with your time,” Vick, the 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year, told

“There’s so many animals that can be raised in better households and used as pets and having happy homes instead of being used for pointless activity and being harmed,” he added.

Vick served 18 months in prison on federal dogfighting charges. In my opinion, this move isn’t a PR stunt. It’s no feeble attempt by Vick to boost his image. Rather, it’s the sign of a changed man. In the Ghettocracies of Virginia, Vick was raised in a culture where dog-fighting was the norm. His arrest on dog-fighting charges and the reaction he spurned from it was a major reality check for him. Endorsing this bill is a key point in the philly quarterback’s road to redemption and the biggest endorsement of his life.

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