Olympics 2012: The Ride


I’m in a car right now, staring out at the dried up fields of Indiana. I’m about to trade in my summer break in the Midwest for an exciting new experience in a far away place. I head out for London from the Indy airport. Indy to Philly. Philly to “Sports Media Heaven” aka The Olympic Games. Less than 24 hours separate me from the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m overjoyed. I’m excited. But above all else, I’m scared.

I try my hardest to always look on the bright side of things. But in my head all I can think of is what could possibly go wrong. I’ve never been to an event of this grand a scale before. The closest thing I can liken it to is the Superbowl experience in the circle centre of “the nap”. But I know this is much bigger. With much greater stakes.

My career in media starts NOW. A bit earlier than I expected, I must admit. At 20 years old I’ll be covering Olympic events, writing, filming, and editing multiple stories and pushing them out before deadline. I’ll be working shoulder to shoulder with media veterans from ESPN, NPR, CBS, NBC and the like in The London Media Center. I’ll be telling the stories of high profile athletes and also giving a voice to Olympians who don’t often get the coverage they deserve. All the while representing Ball State University. That’s quite a lofty mission.

I can genuinely say I feel fear. But if I learned anything from Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” (here’s my inner-geek coming out), it’s that fear isn’t something that should be avoided. Quite the contrary. It should be embraced. My fears will help me be more aware as I’m working and strengthen my resolve for fair and accurate coverage.

I know I’m ready to take this next step in my career. It’s alright to be scared. It just means my heart is in it.

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