Olympics 2012: The Culture

Greetings from London! It’s been a great time so far. I’ve roamed british cities, been on the tower bridge, roamed through ornate cathedrals, and shopped in upscale shopping districts. The Olympic atmosphere is one of a kind. Imagine the Superbowl in Indianapolis. Remember how large of an event that was? All the people from around the country? Now imagine that crowd multiplied by 10. London has become a real melting pot, with 240 countries present for The Games. I’ve met tourists from locations as far out as Korea, Bahrain, and Pakistan. A few nights ago I even met a South African soccer player who was part of the under 19 club in The 2010 World Cup. He’s here in London for The Games as well. I can safely say our paths would have never crossed if I wasn’t here. Now, we’re great friends.

One of the most fun parts about this trip is all the locals I’ve met. In conversation and just in walking around the city, I’ve picked up really fast on the contrast of culture between the US and UK.

British fashion is awesome. I love it. So colorful and vibrant. They really do all they can to stand out. Much different than America, where darker colors are standard. Walking through London’s shopping district was like being at Fashion Week.

British food is not as great, I must say. It just tastes blan. That’s probably because they don’t put as much sodium, additives, and other things that are bad for you in their food. I’ve lost a few pounds as a result. The fish and chips are nice and greasy though. That might be the reason I love it so much.


  1. Sounds like you’re having fun over there! You’re the second person I know who’s been to London recently (a friend of mine went after graduation), and I’m kind of jealous. Post pictures when you can, please. I’ll be living vicariously through you until I get a chance to cross the pond myself.

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