Beyond “How Are You”: The Best Conversation Starters

We’ve all had moments where we meet someone for the first time and we just can’t spark any meaningful dialogue besides “Oh, the weather is nice.” Weather talk is the universal signal of “I don’t know what to say.” Here are some things I’ve found helpful to untie the tongue and really get to know […]


Olympics 2012: USA Basketball Practice

Before I went on this journalistic assignment, friends would throw out the occasional joke like “get me Kobe’s autograph” or “tell Kevin Durant I said hi”. I laughed. I was all over the USA Basketball beat and from communication with press coordinators and USOC PR, I came to the conclusion that meeting NBA players would […]

Olympics 2012: London’s reactions

Today I rode the tube down to the Olympic Park to film some stand-ups. It gave me a chance to take in the atmosphere of the Games. It’s so great to see London become a cultural melting pot. So many different people from different countries like Croatia, Turkey, Bahrain, and Greece. It was actually rare […]

Olympics 2012: Pics from London (so far)