Column: Secret Admirers: Can’t We Just Say “HI?”

By Brandon Pope,, April 17,2013 It’s a weird world we live in. People can be spotted in the most public of places taking “selfie” photos of themselves. If you’re not careful, you could literally bump shoulders – or even heads – with distracted pedestrians. Maybe old people have a point; or maybe I’m just old […]

News: Students Get Hyperlocal

By Brandon Pope. Published February 15, 2012 at NABJ Digital Blog It can’t be stressed enough; experience is crucial for aspiring journalists looking for a career in media. Students at the UC Berkeley School Of Journalism have received a tremendous opportunity to polish their craft. With the help of the Ford Foundation, students have created […]

Recent Column: Black History is American History

By Brandon Pope. Published February 3, 2013 in the Ball State Daily News February is a time when we start to see a few extra black faces on television and in the news. It’s a time where tired facts about the same old civil rights leaders are shoved down our throats. It’s a time that […]